Monday, October 31, 2011

I am trying this again

Ok now I am trying this blog thing again. I have joined and after selling on the other site since 1998, I can honestly say that moving to is the best on line move I have ever made. No listing fee, no final value fee, no relisitng fee if an item does not sell the first time around. A flat fee of $8.00 a month. You own your store and you manage your store. If you need help people are there to help you and you actually talk to someone within a matter of about 5 minutes. When I called the person I needed to talk to actually answered the phone. Try that with the bay. Ain't gonna happen. At OLA you are free to do what you want with your store as long as you do not break the law and you read and agree to the trems of agreement when you sign up with OLA. is a seller oriented and stands behind the seller when they are right but they also will support the buyer and try to get to the bottom of any disagreement. They will just not throw the seller under the bus just because the buyer has a problem. If you want a fair place for the seller and the buyer equally give a try. $8.00 a month is nothing compared to what you pay a month using the bay. Thanks for taking time and reading my blog and I do hope to see some of you at OLA.

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