Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I want to let everyone kow just how special this last week has been at for the Black Friday sale. Mat ran the sale for OLA and so many people signed up for it. He ran it for 24 hours and did a great job. Thank you Mat.

For Cyber Monday and Terrific Tuesday we combined them and had a 48 hour sale. It was run by and she is amazing to do this. Thank you  Cathy you are special. We had 22 sellers decide to sign up and offer a discount on their auction sites. As the day went on some of us would run a special other than our discount we agreed on to begin with. Like I agreed to give 20% off all my jewelry and 10% off all other items. Well for one hour I ran a special special of 50% off all my jewelry and jewelry related items. Later on I ran another special special that gave $5.00 off all my Christmas throws. What fun we had and soooooooooooooo many items bought and sold. 

We are considering doing this one more time before Christmas.  You do not have to be an OLA member to look and see if there is something you want. Just visit us at and if you want to join us and all the fun, specials, games, contest and sales we have,  you have many options and they can be found on the link above also.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you would like to have another sale like this one before Christmas. Even if you are not a member of OLA yet you can let me know how you feel about the sale. If you would rather go to my site and leave me a message you can do that also at 

Here's hoping you had as much fun as we all did at over Thanksgiving weekend. It is fun to wake up at 6AM and find out you had sales or questions about an item through the night. Hope to see you there.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy  

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  1. OLA Sales are always fun! The sellers really offer some deep discounts... and the chat room is always buzzing with friendly camaraderie!