Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is a blog to me

To me a blog is somewhere you put your thoughts, share an article you got in an email, promote your business and sometimes just put in it what is going on in your life at the time. If I make a mistake, no one is going to cut my head off LOL. They might hurt my feelings but then I can consider the source and move on. Which is what I am doing with this blog.

I am kept busy with my store at aka OLA.COM. I sell a lot of different items and I love being on OLA. I run my own store and I have no one telling me how to do that. I pay $8.00 a month and that is all. There are no other listing fees, final value fees or relisting fees and you can click on the auro relist and not worry about when an item comes off because it is automatically relisted for you until it sells or you remove the listing yourself. I would love to have  you visit my store at and hopefully you might find something you like.

Another reason I love being at is the other sellers and buyers there are so happy to help me if I run into a problem I cannot figure out myself. It is like one big family. No throat cutting just to make sure you do not make a sale and they do. It seems like a chat room to some but it is not a chat room. It has many places where you can post what you need help with and then go on about your business and check back later and someone will answer what you posted. There is also and 800 number and you talk to someone who does not put you on hold while they take another call.

I have sold on Yahoo and Ebay and I am so happy I found and left all the hassles behind and there were plenty of them to leave. Now that I am at I realize just how much I was controlled at the other sites and it is a joy again to sell and buy on line. I was so ready to give up on selling on line until I found this site which changed my whole outlook about it.

I have learned how to promote myself, my store and my tiems from other sellers on, If you are looking for a place where buyers and sellers are treat equally then you should at least take a look at and look at their policies which are all there for your consideration. They hide nothing to be sprung on you later. What you read and agree to is very simple and it is in full. No surprises.

Hope to see you checking out my store and all the other stores at OLA.COM

Be safe, Be healthy and Be happy.

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  1. Great post CC and I couldn't agree with you more! There's no other place like OLA and I have no plans to ever leave there.