Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How Low Can He Get

Can you imagine Romney putting out a call for all the white brothers and sisters to vote for him because he's white and so are they?

If you watch anything you need to watch this and it is short. If the link does not wrok for you let me know. This is so racist on his part.

He should never bring race into this election and so many of his won are so angry at him he may live to regret he made this request of them.

You can also go to you tube and check it for yourself. I watched it as was so shoked that he did this. If Romney did this Obama would be crying "foul".


  1. WOW, sounds insincere and pandering....not very's obvious what he is doing....

    1. He needs votes anyway he can get them. This is really low though after the way he has treated some them to BEG for their votes. I certainly know some will fall for this but I hope others remember how they have been treated and what lies in store for them in the future if he is re-elected.